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10.490 Eur.
    • Mês / Ano
    • Maio 2018
    • Quilómetros
    • 6.000 Kms
    • Motor
    • 90 Cv / 898 Cc
    • Transmissão
    • Manual
    • Combustivel
    • Gasolina
    • Tipo
    • Pequeno Citadino
    • Lugares
    • 5 Lugares
    • Portas
    • 4/5
    • Cor
    • Cinza
    • Estado
    • Como novo
    • Garantia
    • Sim


·  ABS
·   Bluetooth
·   Computador de Bordo
·   Cruise Control
·   Direcção Assistida
·   Livro de revisões completo
·   Sensores Estacionamento
·   ESP
·   Sistema Ajuda ao Arranque em Inclinação
·   Ecrã Consola Central
·   Encostos de Cabeça Traseiros
·   Entrada AUX
·   Entrada USB
·   Fecho Central
·   Leitor de DVD
·   Leitor MP3
·   Não fumador
·   Volante Multifunções
·   Acabamentos em Alumínio
·   Faróis de Nevoeiro
·   Faróis Direccionais
·   Faróis Diurnos
·   Faróis Reguláveis em Altura
·  AC
·   10 Airbags
·   Estofos em Tecido
·   Rádio c/ caixa de CDs
·   Volante Em Pele
·   Vidros Elétricos Dianteiros


Multinational company headquartered in Portugal and subsidiaries in France and Luxembourg. Brand new car with History in the brand. Written miles guarantee, 1st revision offer and Check-up at dealer. We are members of ANECRA and members of the Arbitration Center of the automotive sector. Mediadores MAPFRE Insurance, secure with CARSPOT, and benefit from unbeatable conditions. We provide vehicle chassis number for verification. Review offer and car replacement in case of breakdown or accident. Best Market Financing Rates Possibility of financing for only € 143, without initial entry. Withdrawal value guaranteed when you want to make the exchange for another vehicle. More than 100 car in stock do not let us visit, we follow any proposal. We have own offices included in the EUROREPAR Network (PSA Group), our full guarantee (factory), covering all the components of your vehicle, and not only the engine and box as usual. After sales service 24H included. Possibility to hire maintenance service included. We ship cars for all mainland Portugal and islands. Car in excellent condition. Come visit us and know the financing conditions that we have for you! We accept returns